Değişikliklerin Önizlemesi (yeni pencerede açılır)

The strong material and long-lasting durability of our Sunipeks outdoor fabrics make our brand more preferred. As a result of tests performed according to ASTM G-154 standards, it is anticipated that it will last for 4 seasons as upholstery fabric depending on the regions where it is used. Our products are resistant to UV rays, sunlight, wind, rain and humidity. For this reason, they can be conveniently used in open spaces.

Color fastness
Our Sunipeks outdoor products are one step ahead of their competitors in terms of color fastness. Our raw material efficiency has been tested according to the British standards, in BS EN ISO 105-B04 (artificial weathering) conditions and color categorized according to the endurance time and presented to our customers.

Environment friendliness
Our outdoor PP collection is made from 100% polypropylene yarn. pp 100% is a recyclable material. The energy consumed during production is lower than that of synthetic fibers. So it gives serious benefits to nature and helps us to produce in an environmentally responsible manner.

The raw materials of our Sunipeks products have the Oeko-Tex certificate. With this certificate, we can document that our products do not contain substances that could be harmful to human health and environment.

Sunipeks offers all kinds of possibilities to its customers with its many different color choices and expert R&D team. Wide color scale and strong designs are provided to our customers in order to respond to customers’ pleasures and requests which vary for many reasons.

Our outdoor fabrics are produced with special weaves, yarns and specially formulated UV-friendly finishes to resist stains and water absorption. This feature ensures that the fabric remains intact and looks new for a long time.

In addition, our products that are waterproofed by a special process applied by us are very much preferred for outdoor use. On request, our fabrics can be made stronger and ready for long-term use by back coating.