Sunipeks offers a warranty of 1000-2000+ hours against severe sunlight and weather conditions from the date of the invoiced bill, based on ASTM G-154 test for color fastness (minimum 7-8 according to BS EN ISO 105-B04 standard, where ultraviolet rays and harsh weather conditions are simulated) and abrasion under normal environmental and usage conditions.

Warranty coverage

  • In the event of any defect or loss of performance on the fabric, it should be returned to Sunipeks within fifteen days by postal, along with the invoice, the error description, and if possible a sample as proof of defect.
  • Sunipeks undertakes to replace the defective fabric without any charge.
  • Defective fabrics should be returned for inspection by Sunipeks specialists.
  • Replacement or refund of defective fabric does not extend the warranty period of the fabric lot which was delivered, and the warranty of the replacement is not renewed.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Defects such as folding, breaking, staining which may occur during actions like transportation, cutting, sewing and fitting.
  • Other materials (cushion, sponge, etc.) not manufactured by Sunipeks and the reactions they may cause.
  • Defects such as wear, tear, fading that may occur if used in conditions other than the specified usage conditions and period.
  • Damage or defects in fabric caused by misuse, accident or negligence.
  • Failure to comply with the following washing instructions; the use of products or tools which are not convenient for the fabric, including detergents, chemical products or stain removers.
  • Damage and defects occurring due to extreme climatic or environmental conditions.
  • Damage and defects occurring due to atmospheric pollution.
  • Damage and defects caused by animals.
  • Damage, burns and defects that may result from improper installation by the user or objects falling on the fabric, bumps, accidents, cigarettes, fire or other sources.

Instructions for Use

  • Can be washed at maximum 40 °C.
  • Bleach can be used.
  • Can be ironed at low temperature.
  • No dry-cleaning.
  • Drum-drier can be used.

Note: Items are ordered according to the symbols.